Bjorn Holst

Dead, but still special.


Bjorn’s host dog, Neb, has received a scar on his face from an encounter against the Necromancers of Ten


Bjorn Holst was born in the town of Ellingboe to a family of merchants. While he was still a toddler his homeland’s economy began to crumble and in an attempt to dodge the impending crisis his family decided to move out of the country. The Holst family found their new home in the town of Luxton and soon entered the local market as traders of herbs and spices. As soon as Bjorn could speak he was taught the tools of the trade by his father and older brothers. Bjorn’s mother also began homeschooling him during this time and taught him elementary knowledge, the culture of his people, and the strict religious teachings of the god Hall.

At the age of ten Bjorn met his first and only friend, Kef, a child of the forest. The Holst family frowned upon Kef who was known by the locals to dabble in spirit magic, a practice greatly frowned upon by followers of Hall. Kef and Bjorn spent most of their time together in the woods where Kef taught Bjorn survival skills and what he knew of spirit magic.

At the age of sixteen during the plague Bjorn fell ill and his health began to decay. Bjorn had always been a sickly child but the village barber had never had much trouble treating him until now. The barber’s treatment kept him well for a few weeks but eventually the sickness started to catch up to him. While Bjorn was on his deathbed Kef came to visit him


Bjorn Holst

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