Sors Cron

Governor of Luxton


Governor of Luxton
War hero
Ex mercenary
Leader of the Cult of Brawn
Rival of Talron


Sors was a weak frail boy born into a poor family in the town of Luxton. Unable to provide for a struggling family and burdening him, his demented father banished him to the woods.
In the forest, he became blind with rage towards his father and promised himself to unlock his strength. For 2 years, he lived and trained in the forest until emerging at age 18 to join
a mercenary group. No longer was he the weak frail boy he was before, but he had transformed into a man. In the mercenary troops he joined, he was feared because of his
skill and ruthlessness in combat. He had an aura of masculinity that surrounded him and boosted the morale of his troops. After unlocking his strength, he created his own cult to route out the
weak of the world and those who had fought beside him quickly joined. He returned to Luxton to confront his father. Seeing how his father wasn’t able to support his family, he saw it as hypocrisy
and killed him. He immediately began to support his family with the money he had recieved from mercenary work, yet he was still not satisfied. His pride demanded he route out the weak of Luxton.
Seeing how the Governor wasn’t able to support his family in his eyes, he swiftly removed him from the seat of governor and took it for himself. The citizens of Luxton were first upset, but the
money that his cult brought into the town improved the quality of life at the cost of their loyalty. Those who refused to follow Sors were seen as weak and were taken into the cult to become strong.
Sors currently occupies Luxton with his cult. AND HE IS DEAD

Sors Cron

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