Handle (POW+CHA)

Handle(Animal) allows an adventurer to teach commands, train, and otherwise control the specified creature. As with Lore, a separate Handle skill exists for each type of animal. The Handle skill may also be used to modify Ride and Drive skills if corresponds to the creature being used for the original test ie. Handle(Horse) can be used to modify the ride skill for horses, but not for camels.

The following table suggests how Handle (Animal) be applied for training animals.

Skill Action
30% Teaching the animal a basic activity or behavior such as following a path by itself
40% Training the animal to pull a cart of function as a beast of burden
50% Training the animal to be ridden if possible
60% Training the animal to remain calm and function in light combat
70% Training the animal to remain calm in warfare and follow attack commands
80% Training the animal in a common skill, granting it one improvement roll
120% Teaching the animal a new advanced skill that is compatible with its abilities
Modifier Condition
-20% Training a foreign or exotic animal
-40% Training an intelligent or magical beast
+10% Training a domestic animal
+20% Training a familiar and domesticated animal

It takes 1 week, plus one day for every 5% skill required to for the task, so teaching a basic activity would take 13 days of training, while teaching the creature an advanced skill would take 31 days of full time training. Additionally, an adventurer with this skill is able to transfer on or more of his own improvement rolls a creature he is training.

A critical with this skill can shorten the training time of a creature by half, while a fumble would make training twice as long and the creature would still not learn the desired ability.


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