The kingdom of Tiralia is a hereditary monarchy occupying the entire continent of Tiralia. The natives of Tiralia are known for the craftsmanship in armoursmithing, weaponsmithing, and runecarving. It’s calendar officially started at the end of the absolute monarchy of King Tiral IV.

Once Tiralia was bitter and isolated from the rest of the world, bent on a racial ego promoted by the bloody king known as King Tiral VI. His ruling refused support and trade from other countries, including the neighboring countries of Toldrot, Tildren, and Tenton. His ruling also refused any foreign cultural trinkets or influence in his kingdom. His poor ruling eventually lead to an economic downfall which he blamed on foreign influence on his people. His madness drove him to convert to blood magic in attempts to better his economy through sacrifice of those who opposed him. The wealthiest family, Tilrani, planned to stage a coup against King Tiral. During a tournament, Renley Tilrani challenged the king himself to a duel. He proclaimed that he did not believe in the power of the false god’s that the king followed; even calling him a heretic. Tiral driven by his faith and madness, accepted the duel on the terms that once he won, the entire Tilrani family was to be sacrificed. Ironically, after the first swing by Tiral, he fell to the ground in a seizure; he shortly died of a heart attack. Renley then decapitated the king and presented it to the crowd, exclaiming that a new era shall come. The city went mad, killing all those who bore the sigil of the Tiral Reign. The house of Tilrani soon seized the throne, but the ten children of Tiral had escaped the city. King Renley I started his reign by immediately adopting a law banning any practice of blood magic. King Renley I married his three daughters: Falenis Tilrani to Peter Debnoski of Tenton, Talenis Tilrani to John Cronin of Toldrot, and Dalenis Tilrani to
Lyndle Ingle of Tildron. This unified all three of the countries and is revered by historians as the golden age of Tiralia. This stimulated the economy so drastically, that three cities were built each in honor of the sisters that unified the country. This strong economic tie lead to Tiralia being the primary economic superpower of the world.



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